Laura Wirth: February Featured Flutist

The Flute Studio at Oklahoma State University is excited to announce our first Featured Flutist: Laura Wirth! Every month, we will be highlighting a studio member with interviews, articles, and pictures. We hope you enjoy getting to know our talented and diverse studio!

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Senior Music Education Major


Where are you from and what brought you to OSU?
I am from San Jose, California. Growing up in the Bay Area, I would never have thought I'd end up in Oklahoma! But, my high school flute teacher introduced me to Dr. Broffitt and suggested I audition at OSU. I took a lesson with Dr. Broffitt and decided that I HAD to study with her!

When and why did you start playing the flute?
I started playing the flute in 6th grade. I honestly don't remember what made me choose the flute - but I'm glad I did!!

What are some of your hobbies and interests?
I enjoy cooking, hiking, watching Netflix, and drinking tea in VERY big mugs.

Who are your favorite composers? What are some of your favorite recordings?
My favorite composers include Aaron Copland, Gustav Holst, and J.S. Bach, just to name a few (I could go on and on!). I love any and ALL of Marina Piccinini's recordings (particularly of the Prokofiev Sonata and the Bach Partita in A minor). I also love Leon Buyse's recording of Poem by Charles Griffes.

What stands out as your favorite musical memory?
My favorite musical memory would have to be performing in the All-Japan Band Director's Clinic with the OSU Wind Ensemble in 2013. It was such a wonderful experience - I have never felt more appreciated by an audience in my life. Everyone was so enthusiastic and welcoming.

Who are your music mentors and what have you learned from them?
I have worked with so many wonderful musicians so far, but one of the most influential so far would have to be Dr. Broffitt. She has taught me that success is not decided in any single moment - it is a continuous journey and we need to remember to respect the process.

Where are your favorite places to eat?
I'm obsessed with Panera. I'm not exactly sure why - it probably has something to do with how much I love bread.

What is the most valuable lesson that music has taught you?
Music has taught me about the importance of dedication and perseverance. Some things take a lot of hard work - and that makes them even more worth it!

What are your favorite things about the Flute Studio and the School of Visual + Performing Arts?
The studio members are so supportive and friendly. I have made some of my most valued friends in the Flute Studio.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Nicholas Sparks novels. Whoops.

Do you have any tips or advice for younger flutists?
Always practice like you really mean it. Lazy practice is a waste of time and doesn't make you any better! Oh - and practice your scales!!!!

What are five fun facts about you?
1. I really love pugs.
2. I'm currently student teaching at Owasso Public Schools.
3. I like drinking tea out of big mugs.
4. My dream job is teaching middle school band
5. My dog has his own Facebook page. Here he is enjoying a good book:



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