OSU Flutes in NOLA!

Many of our studio members attended this year's National Flute Association Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana!



"The New Orleans convention was the second flute convention that I have attended. It served a bit as a bridge: I gave my last performance with flutists from my undergraduate college, and thought ahead to the experiences I would have as a graduate student.

I volunteered at two events while at convention. The first was a masterclass given by Sophie Cherrier, teacher at the Paris Conservatory. The second was a recital commemorating the teaching career of Angelita Floyd. Volunteering at convention was a good way to contribute to the flute community.Convention gave me the opportunity to listen to great performances and learn from great flutists. Watching the Young Artist Competition finals inspired me about what is possible for flutists my age. Hearing Robert Dick talk about multiphonics gave me ideas for my practice. Taking a lesson with Gary Schocker showed me ways to make adjustments to my playing. Attending a session with performance anxiety specialist Helen Spielman taught me strategies for coping with performance nerves.The gala performance with orchestra is always my favorite event. I saw great flutists perform and enjoyed every minute of it! Hearing the orchestral excerpts performed with orchestra was especially a unique experience.I enjoyed flute convention in New Orleans, and am looking forward to the 2014 convention in Chicago!"      

--Brooke Harris, OSU Graduate Student


"Attending the NFA Convention in New Orleans this past summer was probably one of the most musically enriching experiences I've had to-date. I was able to attend masterclasses and workshops taught by some of the most respected musicians in the flute community. With so many available classes and events to attend, there was never a moment where I wasn't learning and growing as a flute player. As a finalist in the Collegiate Flute Choir Competition, I spent time rehearsing with and getting to know other talented college flute players throughout the week. It was a phenomenal experience, and I look forward to all of the conventions I'm able to attend in the future."   

--Laura Wirth, OSU Sophomore



"The National Flute Association had its annual convention this summer in New Orleans. I made it into the Collegiate Flute Choir and got to play piccolo in our final concert! Along with those rehearsals, I had the chance to go to several lectures on things like memorizing music and practicing efficiently, and I went to some concerts with artists like Marianne Gedigian, Dr. Sarah Frisof, Ali Reyerson, and Claudio Barile. I volunteered at a few events too, like the High School Competition and a few exhibitions. I learned that playing music isn't all about learning the notes with your fingers, it takes a lot of mental work too! In the memorization lecture, we learned that half of the work in memorizing a piece happens when you're just imagining that you're playing, not when you are actually physically playing it. Overall, I came back feeling really refreshed and ready to kick off the new year!"            

--Michelle Scroggie, OSU Senior


"There was so much to see! My favorite part was sitting in on the Young Artist Competition, and having my eyes open to the potential we all have as aspiring musicians when we put in the hard work and dedication."

--Lauren Hampton, OSU Senior