2012 and 2013 Guest Artists

We were very fortunate to have several guest artists visit our studio last year. We welcomed Brooks de-Wetter Smith, Jill Felber & Dianne Frazer, and John Bailey.


BrooksBrooks de Wetter-Smith and Virginia Broffitt performed a duo recital on October 14, 2012. Professor Smith gave a performance master class on October 11th for the studio and met with several students for private lessons during his residency.

JillJill Felber came to the OSU campus on February 9th for a spectacular solo recital with Dianne Frazer collaborating on piano. Following the recital, she presented her EXTREME MAKEOVER: Flute Edition class for the Flute Studio and area flutists. Professor Felber was also able to meet with students for private lessons.

JohnJohn Bailey also visited us in Stillwater to give his lecture Don’t Bother Me, I Have Notes to Play. The lecture focused on digging deeper into the music (looking past the notes and rhythms) for important musical content. This was a fantastic and entertaining lecture that served as a good reminder to all of us! Following the lecture, he gave a performance and masterclass for the Flute Studio.

Thank you to all of our guest artists. We learned so much from you and we hope you enjoyed Stillwater!