OSU Wind Ensemble Visits Japan!

The Oklahoma State University Wind Ensemble had the privilege of performing in overseas at the 2013 Japan Band Clinic in Hamamatsu City.

JapanGetting the opportunity to travel to Japan with the OSU Wind Ensemble was life changing. I fell in love with the culture and atmosphere of Japan. And getting to play music in their wonderful concert hall was just the cherry on top. The day after our main clinic performance, we gave a shorter concert at a local school. Band students from three different middle and high schools joined us for Sousa's Stars and Stripes, and I got to play the piccolo solo with all of their really wonderful little piccolo players! That was actually the musical highlight of the entire trip for me, transcending cultural and language boundaries so that we could all share music with the audience.

--Michelle Scroggie, OSU Senior

Japan2This summer was full of flute! I was fortunate enough to travel to Japan with the OSU Wind Ensemble, and play a concert at the Hamamatsu Band Clinic and a concert in an area High School. It was amazing to share our talent with the people, but also to see their talent and passion at work. It was very inspiring to see how music brings people together from everywhere in the world.

--Lauren Hampton, OSU Senior