Future Graduate Students

The Oklahoma State University Department of Music offers a graduate degree in Pedagogy and Performance (MM in the conducting, music education, or applied music track). Please see the Department of Music graduate website for detailed information.

If you are interested in pursuing a Master of Music degree at OSU, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact Dr. Broffitt (virginia.broffitt@okstate.edu or 405.744.8984)
  2. Contact Megan Pitt, Coordinator of Graduate Studies in the Department of Music (megan.pitt@okstate.edu)
  3. Apply to the OSU Graduate College
  4. Schedule an entrance audition

Graduate Auditions

Students auditioning for a graduate degree should prepare the first movement of a Mozart Concerto, plus two pieces of contrasting styles (see above), and 4 standard orchestral excerpts. It is expected that auditioning graduate students will be prepared to play all major and minor scales and arpeggios.

If you have questions about repertoire, please email Dr. Broffitt (Virginia.Broffitt@okstate.edu)

Visit Campus

All prospective students are encouraged to visit our campus prior to an audition. A visit can include a campus tour visiting music classes, viewing rehearsals, and meeting current students and faculty. All flutists who schedule a campus visit will receive a lesson with Dr. Broffitt. To schedule a visit, please contact me (virginia.broffitt@okstate.edu) and schedule a formal campus tour here